About me

Emilia Aldrin*, born 1982 in Kristianstad, Sweden.
Married to Viktor Aldrin since 2007. Mother of Efraim. Live in Halmstad.
* I changed surname when married in 2007 from Sturm to Aldrin and Sturm is now kept as a middle name.

My name is Emilia Aldrin and I am D. phil. of Scandinavian Languages and specialized in Onomastics. Since 2011 I work as Lecturer in Swedish Language at Halmstad University. My doctoral thesis Namnval som social handling. Val av förnamn och samtal om förnamn bland föräldrar i Göteborg 2007–2009. [Naming as a social act. Parents’ choices of first names and discussions of first names in Göteborg 2007–2009] was finished in 2011 at Uppsala University, Department of Scandinavian Languages. I have also published minor studies on i.e. use of names as stilistic resource in literature, naming and cultural identity and current name trends. I currently work on a paper on naming and negotation of gender boundaries. In autumn 2013 I engage a project within educational sciences concerning social variation in assessment of pupils texts.

Research interests

My research interests are within the areas of sociolinguistics and socio-onomastics and concern how humans use language and names to explore, create, mark and distinguish certain identities (such as social, cultural, gender related).

Key words:

* Onomastics, naming, name trends, personal names, first names, names and society, names and identity, names in literature, name connotations
* Sociolinguistics, language and society, language and identity, language and gender, conversation analysis, social positioning
* Swedish didactical approach, assessment of pupils texts